My car HERO reveals new £2M V12 supercar!

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Introducing the Gordon Murray T.33 Spider!

This is the spider edition of the previously revealed T.33, and it has one pretty big claim to fame – it’s the only open-top V12 supercar in the world with a manual transmission!

The T.33 Spider is an elegant beast – you won’t find any outlandish vents or wings here! Everything you see serves a purpose and works in harmony to deliver the best performance possible.

The engine is an absolute triumph too. This Cosworth-built 3.9-litre V12 is the lightest V12 in the world, and in this T.33 Spider, it delivers 617hp through the rear wheels, enabling this open top to reach a top speed of 208mph! What’s more, it also redlines at an incredible 11,100rpm!

It’s a good thing it’s the lightest V12 in the world, as the T.33 Spider has been designed to be as lightweight as possible – it tips the scales at just 1,100kg!!

So it looks great, and the specs are mighty impressive. The question is, should you really pay an eye-watering £1,890,000 for one?! Stick with Mat and Gordon for this excellent walk-around review!

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