Billionaire No More: Kanye West, Sam Bankman-Fried And More Lost Their Billionaire Status

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It was another bad year for billionaires, with the war in Ukraine raging, inflation surging and the crypto bubble bursting. Nearly half the planet’s 2,640 billionaires are poorer than they were in 2022—but some fared even worse: 254 people dropped off the list completely.

Those who lost their spot on Forbes’ World’s Billionaires ranking in 2023 include a couple famous faces–Kanye West and Sam Bankman-Fried–plus several moguls behind famous brands, such as Yvon Chouinard, founder of outerwear maker Patagonia; Ernest Garcia III, founder of used car seller Carvana; and Bruce Nordstrom, the retired longtime head of the department store chain. An additional 33 members of the 2022 list died.

Forbes Wealth Reporter Richard Chang sat down with Diane Brady to talk about the people who fell off the Forbes Billionaire List since April 2022.

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