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In May 2023, during the annual Build conference, Microsoft announced Windows Copilot—a feature that integrates the power of AI into Microsoft’s desktop operating system. After a month of waiting, Windows Copilot is finally here, and you can test it in the latest Windows 11 preview build.

Windows Copilot Preview is gradually rolling out to insiders running the latest Windows 11 build 23493 (Dev Channel). In addition, you need to update Microsoft Edge to version 115.0.1901.150 or higher.

Since Windows Copilot is a controlled feature rollout, you may not get access to it right after installing the latest build. As it usually goes with such an approach, Microsoft promises to expand the rollout soon and provide the necessary policies to let IT administrators manage the experience within their organizations.

You can invoke Windows Copilot Preview by pressing Win + C or clicking the corresponding icon on the taskbar. The assistant will pop out of the right side of the screen, allowing you to interact with the assistant without obscuring existing windows and apps.

Microsoft stresses that the first implementation of Windows Copilot is a public preview, so not everything the company has shown at the Build conference is available right away. Still, even in its current form, Windows Copilot can perform plenty of actions, such as enable dark mode, take a screenshot, turn on or off do not disturb mode, and more. Also, you may notice “inline recommendations” or ads Microsoft considers relevant to you.

In addition to not having some of the previously announced features, Windows Copilot in its current form has a few known issues:

  • You can use Alt + Tab to switch out of Windows Copilot, but not back into it. Windows + C will move focus back to Windows Copilot.
  • When first launching or after refreshing Copilot while using Voice Access you’ll need to use “Show grid” commands to click in the “Ask me anything” box for the first time.

Keep in mind that things Microsoft tests in the Windows Insider program can and will evolve with time and new preview builds. If you do not like something or have an idea for improvement, be sure to file your feedback using the button with three dots at the top right corner of the Windows Copilot UI. Also, check out other new features Microsoft introduced in Windows 11 build 23493.

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