WhatsApp’s latest feature lets you send HD Videos: Check how it works

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WhatsApp recently started enabling HD photo sharing for Android and iOS beta testers earlier this month.

It was a significant step-up since WhatsApp typically reduces image quality to conserve data and storage space.

The popular messaging app is now extending this to include the ability to send HD videos, an option that is currently in beta testing with select Android users getting the first try.

How to Send HD Videos on WhatsApp

Much like the process of sending HD photos, this feature includes an ‘HD’ button in the drawing editor of the app.

Before sending the video, you’ll notice a new HD button at the top of the screen. Clicking on this button will give you two video quality options: Standard Quality and HD (High Definition) Quality.

The HD quality option sends videos in a superior quality but still with slight compression. As such, while the original quality isn’t entirely preserved, the video quality is considerably enhanced.

Given that WhatsApp is built for fast messaging, sending large files could be time-consuming and eat up more data and storage space.

Consequently, the default video quality will be set to SD, meaning users must manually select the HD option each time they wish to send a video on WhatsApp.

This new functionality is part of the latest WhatsApp beta for Android update.

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