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In Chinese there are many types of numbers put together and when read up, pronunciation will have Some interesting meaning. There are many special days in the world today, such as Friday the 13th, Black Friday or 520. This number has been popularized in many countries, including Vietnam and especially among young people. Let’s find out the meaning of some numbers in Chinese in the article below.


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Decode the numbers in Chinese

Chinese has many homophones with counting numbers, so the Chinese take those numbers for slang in one case.


  • Number 0 (bung ~ nǐ, hín): You, me, . (like you in English).
  • Number 1 (yao ~ Yao): Want.
  • Number 2 (èr ~ ài): Love.
  • Number 3 (series ~ xian / shēng): Remember or give birth.
  • Number 4 (si ~ shì): Life, like.
  • Number 5 (wǔ ~ wǒ): I, you, I, . (like I in English).
  • Number 6 (liù ~ lu): Lộc.
  • Number 7 (qī ~ jiē): Kiss.
  • Number 8 (bā ~ fā / plan / table / ba): Play, hug, stay, go.
  • Number 9 (jiǔ ~ jiǔ / qiú / jiù / shǒu): Eternity.


Some sequence numbers are used in Chinese.


  • 520/521: I love you.
  • 520 reads as wǔ èr lyng, 521 reads as wǔ èr yī, having the same pronunciation as wǒ ài nǐ (I love you / I love you).
  • 9420: It’s love you.
  • 9420 read as jiǔ sì èr logical, pronounced almost like jiù shì ài nǐ (which is love you).
  • 1314: Lifelong lifetime.
  • 1314 reading is yī sān yīsì, pronounced yīshēng yīshì (whole life).
  • 530: I miss you.
  • 530 in Chinese is read wǒ xiǎng nǐ, reading aloud almost like wǒ xiǎǐǐ nǐ (miss me / miss you).
  • 9277: Love and kiss.
  • 9277 when pronounced jiǔ èr qīqī is similar to jiù ài qīn qīn (love and kiss).
  • Number 555: Huhuhu.
  • 555 in Chinese is wǔwǔwǔ similar to wū wū wū (huhuhu).
  • 9213: Love you all your life.
  • 9213 when read up, jiǔ èr yī san read read like zhōng’ai yīshēng (love you all your life).
  • 910: It’s me.
  • The Chinese reading 910 is jiù yī nǐ, the steering reading of jiù yī nǐ.
  • 886: Goodbye.
  • The number 886 that she reads is the same reading from the article (goodbye).


Hope this article was helpful to you!

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