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At DinoX, we are creating a brand new way to interact with NFT collectibles. We wanted to bring something unique to the NFT space and it just so happened to coincide with satisfying our inner child’s dream of owning our very own dinosaurs.

We’ve even added elements of mystery and surprise for dino owners. Replicating real dinosaurs, these dino NFTs (known as DNX tokens) begin their digital life as unhatched eggs. The owner then has the choice to either hatch it and discover what awesome dinosaur is inside, or keep the mystery alive by leaving it unhatched.

Unhatched eggs may find value since they can be sold or traded on the open market, allowing a new owner the chance to unveil which dinosaur lives inside. As for the DinoX dinosaurs themselves, we’ve carefully selected specific dinosaur genera and handcrafted them down to the most minute detail!

A little sneak peek at just a few examples of the DinoX NFTs!
A little sneak peek at just a few examples of the DinoX NFTs!

Paying homage to the digital age we grew up in, we went with a pixelated artwork style for the DinoX collectible dinosaurs. Our dinos are even based on the real dinosaur genera and we’ve got all of your favorites — think TriceratopsVelociraptorStegosaurusBrontosaurusTyrannosaurus — along with tons of really awesome ones you will be amazed by when you see them!

Aside from being pixelated, there is a ton of realism in the dinos’ genetic code (DNX metadata). For example, the color patterns and physical features such as actual size, scales, feathers, spikes, etc. are described in the backstory of each dino NFT and are accurately depicted just as they would be if dinosaurs were still walking the Earth today.

These awesome NFT dinosaurs will be earned as rewards for staking the DinoX token, DNXC, which will be available for purchase in our upcoming token sale (more on that coming soon!). We also want to reward our loyal and active community members for supporting us, so there will be some big giveaways and competitions where NFT dinos may appear as part of the prize!

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